FIFA – Time for the sponsors to show some leadership

29 May 2015 Comments 2

This FIFA stuff is the most radical story in the history of sport.

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27 May 2015 Comments 0

We had some fun today.

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20 May 2015 Comments 0

Earlier this month we teamed up with an online publication for which I’ve had growing respect over a number of years –

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Hypocrisy World Cup

18 May 2015 Comments 26

A compression wear brand telling adidas what to do? Surely not…..

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Blatter Manifesto

5 May 2015 Comments 1

In the FIFA Presidential race, Sepp says he doesnt need a manifesto.

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Time after Time

7 April 2015 Comments 0

Time after time, you’ve heard me bang on about the power of sport, so I’m delighted to reflect some positive news that has the IOC seemingly at its core.

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A funny thing happened in international sports

27 March 2015 Comments 0

A funny thing happened in ‘sports-land’ last week; an international sports federation leader didn’t think he was accountable to the billions his organisation serves.

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God I hate the hypocrisy

15 March 2015 Comments 6

I am regularly told not to focus on the negatives with these Watercooler pieces and rather highlight positives that reflect the positive emotion, power and benefits of sport. As much as I agree with the notion, it’s hard to move past the relentless tales of bollocks that the business of sport tends to throw up. I say business because one tends to find that behind most contentious issues lies money. This one is no different.

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Our Official Non-Sponsorship with FIFA clearly makes the point!

25 January 2015 Comments 0

It’s been a busy but productive week!

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New FIFA Now kicks off

22 January 2015 Comments 3

Yesterday (Wednesday) was the day the Brussels summit on Fifa’s future took place in the European Parliament and I’m as proud as I could possibly be that I, on behalf of SKINS, was involved.

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