If you’re a fan, and not a number, it’s time to #RiseUp

5 September 2017 Comments 0

As I am regularly and frequently in England, I am familiar with the frustration of supporters of clubs such as Blackpool, Leyton Orient and Coventry City to name a few.

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Farce of a fight

25 August 2017 Comments 0

Is this so-called ‘fight of the century’ really a fight, or is more of a farce?

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4 More Years for Brian Cookson

8 August 2017 Comments 2

I think the whole world is sick of elections – that is, that part of the world that holds them! But there’s one important one in sport coming up later this year that I want to write about. Already, the campaigning has started.

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How Kristen Worley changed the rules on gender verification

27 July 2017 Comments 0

Earlier in the year, I wrote about a wonderful woman we’ve been working with, Kristen Worley.

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Sponsor Walks, or Sponsor Pushed?

13 July 2017 Comments 0

It was interesting to read that long-time FIFA sponsor, McDonald’s, is thinking about walking away from its sponsorship of the World Cup that is roughly thought to be valued at $300-$400 million every four years. It comes on top of McDonald’s ending their 41-year relationship with the Olympic Movement recently also.

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Against the Odds

3 July 2017 Comments 1

Everyone loves a ‘feel good’ moment – and I’ve got two today.

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What sort of man is Michael Garcia?

30 June 2017 Comments 2

In case you hadn’t noticed, the ‘Garcia Report’ was released this week after lurking in locked drawers of desks in Zurich, Sydney, Munich and New York where the few people who were supposed to have a copy kept it. Sepp Blatter even sneaked one home from the office before he left, I’m led to understand.

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Oh, those Russians

15 June 2017 Comments 4

As an all-round sports fan, I admit I find it hard to get that interested in FIFA’s Confederations Cup at any time. The tournament started back in the 1990s as a way of spreading the ‘love’ – FIFA style, if you get my drift – around the football world. Over the years, it’s developed as a dress rehearsal for the World Cup the year after, as much for the hosts as anyone else.

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Double fault to Margaret Court

2 June 2017 Comments 5

I’ve just got to weigh-in on the Margaret Court controversy.

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SKINS on top of the world with #SherpaFit

30 May 2017 Comments 1

I wanted to share with you an initiative we’ve been involved in that took place earlier this year at the top of the world. Literally.

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More transparency might help in Australian cricket’s pay dispute

18 May 2017 Comments 0

There’s an unfortunate dispute going on in Australia in the great sport of cricket which could well affect the most sacred of sacred cows – the Ashes Series. For those not familiar with it, this is the regular Test Series between Australia and England. It’s sort of the equivalent of El Clasico but rather than meeting twice a season over 90 minutes, the teams meet about every 18 months over five five-day Tests.

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4 May 2017 Comments 0

Unfortunately, time-and-time again we learn of incidents of racism in sport. I’ve written about some before.

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5 April 2017 Comments 2

It doesn’t seem that long ago since I wrote my first post for 2017 and mentioned the Rainbow Round of Sport that is on this coming weekend, April 6-9.

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Citizens of Sport in Sheffield

13 March 2017 Comments 0

In the weekend just gone, SKINS commenced an exciting new partnership which is part of our investment in the future citizens of sport.

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Introducing Citizens of Sport

9 March 2017 Comments 1

I’d like to introduce you to my latest venture. A podcast series that you can find here entitled Citizens of Sport, with the first one being with one of the most polarising figures in world sport – Lance Armstrong.

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27 February 2017 Comments 4

Recently the CEO of Under Armour, Kevin Plank, came under fire because of his lavish praise of US President, Donald Trump.

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15 February 2017 Comments 3

The festivities kick-off for Sydney’s annual Mardi Gras this coming Sunday – and I’m delighted to say we’re there too!

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7 February 2017 Comments 1

Later this month, I am speaking at the Crossing the Line Summit being put together by my good mate, Gearoid Towey.

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#AusOpen. Just WOW!

30 January 2017 Comments 2

I don’t know whether, like me, you caught the Australian Open tennis finals over the weekend.

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And we’ve got kick-off!

19 January 2017 Comments 0

I’m back from a summer break in Australia for the festive period – and glad to be so. Not just to be back in Europe and away from sweltering Sydney, but also to be back on deck for a new year. There’s so much to do!

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