How women can help make sport better

30 March 2014 Comments 1

In my last blog I wrote about the optimism that is spreading through world cycling following the appointment of Brian Cookson as its new President. That ‘new broom sweeps clean’ message got me thinking; what about other sports?

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Brian Cookson heralds in a new dawn at the UCI

18 February 2014 Comments 1

At last! Cycling has a leadership its squillions of followers deserve and the sport’s damaged reputation is going to be tackled with all the integrity and commitment we expected from its new President, Brian Cookson.

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SKINS Sochi campaign defends the True Spirit Of Competition

7 February 2014 Comments 3

SKINS has launched a new campaign on its Pure Sport platform which challenges the people who have failed to uphold the True Spirit Of Competition.

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How much importance do you place on psychology in top level sport?

8 January 2014 Comments 6

When an athlete thinks they’re good at something, is their potential success wrapped up in just the physical and the technical or how much can mental strength swing the pendulum in their favour – even if their opponent’s skill levels might be slightly higher?

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Bach to the future, for the Olympic Movement

17 December 2013 Comments 0

I heard news this week which gives me genuine cause for optimism in 2014 and beyond.

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Vale Nelson Mandela. A giant on the sports stage

6 December 2013 Comments 5

Nelson Mandela will be remembered as a humanitarian, a politician, a visionary. He was also a sports fanatic who understood the crucial role sport could play in unifying the world and he used it with devastating brilliance.

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When sport delivers there really is nothing like it.

30 November 2013 Comments 2

Over the last week or so, we’ve been blessed to see some terrific sport played around the world. It reinforces what a tremendous force for good sport can be. As you know, I’m passionate about good, honest competition that is played well, competed fiercely and won or lost honourably and some of it this week has even revolved around Australian success, which for me, makes it all the sweeter.

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Goodbye and good riddance, thanks for nothing Mr. Rogge. Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on your way out!

24 November 2013 Comments 3

I want to know what Jacques Rogge is supposed to have done for world sport while he was President of the International Olympic Committee. The IOC is the global custodian of Sport and as such we expect its leaders to do just that: lead.

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Our continuing fight for sports values

18 November 2013 Comments 4

I’m pleased to be writing these notes after visiting sunny Cape Town where I was invited to speak at an international conference on drug-free sport and, as most of you will know by now, it’s a subject that’s very close to my heart.

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Yes, Yes Yes!

27 September 2013 Comments 11

Massive congratulations to Brian Cookson on his election in the last hour as the new President of cycling’s world governing body, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).

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