Our Official Non-Sponsorship with FIFA clearly makes the point!

25 January 2015 Comments 0

It’s been a busy but productive week!

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New FIFA Now kicks off

22 January 2015 Comments 3

Yesterday (Wednesday) was the day the Brussels summit on Fifa’s future took place in the European Parliament and I’m as proud as I could possibly be that I, on behalf of SKINS, was involved.

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Bugger off Sepp. Time for a change.

11 January 2015 Comments 5

Yeah, yeah, I know I haven’t blogged for a while… I hope the silence hasn’t been too wonderful.
For several months I’ve been working on a project that’s taken ages to put together and perhaps now you’ll understand why.

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Should sports and politics mix?

30 July 2014 Comments 1

There was a line in a recent newspaper article that got me thinking.

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FIFA’s responsibility to hold Mr Putin to account

21 July 2014 Comments 5

The dreadful incident which saw 298 innocent passengers and crew seemingly shot from the skies on flight MH17, was an abhorrent act. While there’s currently no certainty about who was responsible, the plane was brought down in an area of Ukraine which is occupied by Russian-backed rebels. Consequently, world leaders from all corners have pointed to the potential involvement of Russia itself – a nation that FIFA has triumphantly championed as a future host of the FIFA World Cup.

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What a World Cup

19 July 2014 Comments 3

Wow, what a great World Cup! Tremendous football, exciting goals, the most worthy winners and a month-long spectacle that put the feel-good factor back on the face of world football. And then there was Luis Suarez. What a cast iron, A-1 pillock.

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How women can help make sport better

30 March 2014 Comments 2

In my last blog I wrote about the optimism that is spreading through world cycling following the appointment of Brian Cookson as its new President. That ‘new broom sweeps clean’ message got me thinking; what about other sports?

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Brian Cookson heralds in a new dawn at the UCI

18 February 2014 Comments 1

At last! Cycling has a leadership its squillions of followers deserve and the sport’s damaged reputation is going to be tackled with all the integrity and commitment we expected from its new President, Brian Cookson.

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SKINS Sochi campaign defends the True Spirit Of Competition

7 February 2014 Comments 3

SKINS has launched a new campaign on its Pure Sport platform which challenges the people who have failed to uphold the True Spirit Of Competition.

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How much importance do you place on psychology in top level sport?

8 January 2014 Comments 6

When an athlete thinks they’re good at something, is their potential success wrapped up in just the physical and the technical or how much can mental strength swing the pendulum in their favour – even if their opponent’s skill levels might be slightly higher?

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