On and off-the-field, the Matildas represent the true values of sport

29 June 2015 Comments 1

I want to take a moment to extol the virtues of one of my country’s national teams – the Matildas, the women’s football team and especially its co-captain, Lisa De Vanna.

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17 June 2015 Comments 4

While football and FIFA have grabbed most of the world headlines in recent weeks when it comes to shonky sports administration, there has been another story bubbling away which is also big, also worrying, and yet another example where a sponsor has so far been left wanting.

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What if I told you Sepp Blatter hadn’t resigned?

16 June 2015 Comments 3

There are rumours emerging which support something that’s been gnawing away at me for the last couple of weeks. Is Sepp Blatter’s ‘resignation’ as FIFA President the biggest smokescreen ever? The man has deceived us all before, what’s to stop him doing it again?

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Promoting integrity in sport – what sponsors can do

2 June 2015 Comments 3

One of the first questions I am asked in relation to my interest in, and advocacy of, good governance and sportsmanship is whether we’re doing it as a branding exercise for my company, SKINS.

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FIFA – Time for the sponsors to show some leadership

29 May 2015 Comments 4

This FIFA stuff is the most radical story in the history of sport.

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27 May 2015 Comments 0

We had some fun today.

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20 May 2015 Comments 0

Earlier this month we teamed up with an online publication for which I’ve had growing respect over a number of years – SportingIntelligence.com.

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Hypocrisy World Cup

18 May 2015 Comments 27

A compression wear brand telling adidas what to do? Surely not…..

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Blatter Manifesto

5 May 2015 Comments 1

In the FIFA Presidential race, Sepp says he doesnt need a manifesto.

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Time after Time

7 April 2015 Comments 0

Time after time, you’ve heard me bang on about the power of sport, so I’m delighted to reflect some positive news that has the IOC seemingly at its core.

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