15 February 2017 Comments 2

The festivities kick-off for Sydney’s annual Mardi Gras this coming Sunday – and I’m delighted to say we’re there too!

This year for the first time we’re taking part in the Mardi Gras Fair Day at Camperdown Memorial Park in Newtown.

The day is expected to attract more than 80,000 people between 10am and 7pm – with the focus fully on having fun.

We’ve got together with Team Sydney to be part of the Sports Village. One of the really fun activities is the annual Tug’o’War, in which the rope this year will be festooned with #RainbowLaces.

Yes folks! If you’re going to be in colourful picnic couture which is the idea for Fair Day – there’s even a Fashions of the Fair parade – then you’ve just got to have some #RainbowLaces!

Not only will they feature in the Tug’o’War, but SKINS will be there to give away #RainbowLaces for this year’s Rainbow Round of Sport to highlight the issues around homophobia in sport.

This year’s Rainbow Round will be held from 6-9 April. We’ve written to each of the five major sporting codes in season – AFL, NRL, A-League, Super Rugby and Super Netball – inviting them to show their support for anti-homophobia in sport by having their players wear our #RainbowLaces. With our compliments. They all talk-the-talk when it comes to homophobia in sport: let’s see who’s willing to walk-the-walk by lacing-up also.

The demand for #RainbowLaces was so great last year, that we’ve double the number of laces available and we’re inviting everyone to join us on the weekend of 6-9 April and share their #RainbowLaces images and stories on social media.

As well as picking up a pair from the Fair Day on Sunday, grassroots sporting and community groups can order them – again, with our compliments – via the #RainbowLaces website at There are two different lengths available – 140cm for sports shoes and football boots, and 80cm for everyday shoes.

I’ll be at the Fair Day on Sunday. If you can get to Newtown, please come and say g’day. Always happy to talk sport, politics, sports politics, marriage equality and more with anyone.

Join us and lace-up for the love of sport!


  1. tony on 15 February 2017

    Ha ha ha. Somewhere over the #RainbowLaces. Brilliant!

  2. Matt Moxon on 16 February 2017

    Jaimie can we get the rainbow laces anywhere in England?

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