Ever seen three winners look so pissed off before?

25 March 2013 Comments 1

Monday morning in a sports company like ours is always a fascinating thing. The Americans call it Monday morning quarterbacking, we call it the water cooler conversation. I can tell you the hot topic this morning has been yesterday’s Malaysian F1 Grand Prix and what a fascinating race it was.

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Rio Ferdinand. Good riddance, hope we don’t see you back.

22 March 2013 Comments 8

Ok, is it me or are some sports stars getting too big for their own boots? Perhaps I’m just an ageing old fool (cue private giggling from SKINS’ staff) but I really feel that many modern day ‘heroes’ are losing it and are in danger of bringing their sport into disrepute.

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Happy Birthday Sepp, now it’s time to join the real world!

11 March 2013 Comments 8

Why is there so much debate about the use of technology to assist referees and umpires in sport? This is the 21st century and sport at the top level is now a multi-billion dollar industry, so why wouldn’t you use every conceivable opportunity to ensure that the prize money, the trophy and the sponsorships that follow are going to the right teams or players?

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