Is Danilo Di Luca the most stupid pro sportsman around today…FFS?

27 May 2013 Comments 6

When an athlete who has just served a suspension for doping returns to the sport and IMMEDIATELY does it again, you know you’ve got problems. It’s a situation that strikes at the very heart of credibility in world sport and when it becomes clear that punishment has failed to rehabilitate, we really are on a rocky road to somewhere worse than nowhere.

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Why the Swiss Cycling Federation may hold the future of the sport in their hands…

10 May 2013 Comments 5

In the last 24 hours, a pretty hefty letter has been dropping on the desks of some pretty important people. They may not know it but they could hold the future wellbeing of the sport of Cycling in their hands. The letter is the latest action by SKINS as part of a global movement that wants to give professional and competitive cycling a chance for redemption.

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Is Spain truly corrupt? We can’t be blamed for thinking so…

2 May 2013 Comments 6

There’s an internationally syndicated TV programme, made in the United States called “Judge Judy.” For those who aren’t aware, it covers real-life cases, presided over by the fully qualified lady in question. Judge Judy uses basic common sense to hand down sensible, reasoned decisions for the benefit of the TV cameras and the poor dribbling morons that watch it (my apologies and commiserations if you are one of those).

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