Why did Le Monde have to distort the facts in the headline?

28 June 2013 Comments 2

In France today the French newspaper Le Monde published an interview with Lance Armstrong, on the verge of the 100th Tour de France. So what, you may say. The guy gives an interview and you want to write blog about it? Fuller must be bored during his holidays.
What has really stirred the pot is the headline that Le Monde ran. The question was asked of Armstrong if when he was racing he could have won ‘clean’ and the response was ‘no’. The people in charge of writing headlines at Le Monde chose to run the following:
“Lance Armstrong – Le Tour de France? Impossible de gagner sans dopage”
This translates as:
“Lance Armstrong – The Tour de France? Impossible to win without doping”
The key inference here is Armstrong saying it’s not possible TODAY whereas he responded specifically to a question about the past.
For those of you who are interested in the WHOLE unexpurgated interview, including the allegedly offending Q&A, Lance Armstrong sent me the full Q&A transcript and I reproduce it as follows. This will likely even touch on areas not necessarily reported by Le Monde.
You will see that when pushed for his opinion re whether one can win today without doping, Armstrong replied, “I don’t know”.

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Here’s an interesting tool that lets YOU decide who has been doping over the last 32 years

8 June 2013 Comments 2

I’ve recently been involved is a project that analyses human performance like never before and the results are displayed in a 152 page, one-off magazine which discusses and quantifies sports doping in a unique way. What it does specifically, is to show very candidly that the sport of cycling has had a long term problem with doping that extends way beyond Lance Armstrong and his lengthy career of denial.

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