How we need to tackle doping in sport…

30 August 2013 Comments 5

I first spoke to Ben Johnson about an anti-doping project around six months ago and it was clear he was engaged and committed. His insight into the problems was fascinating and he plainly wanted to be involved. While SKINS is promoting the campaign around the world for the next month, Ben isn’t taking a penny for his involvement. That’s because 25 years on, he recognises that nothing has changed and now he wants to do something about it. He has matured, he has understood more about the issues and the dangers and watched on as the administrators have done little about tackling the real causes.

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Time for you to have your say…please

19 August 2013 Comments 6

During the summer months, we’ve been working on a massive project that I truly want every single person who reads this blog to be involved in. Don’t worry, it doesn’t end with you buying something, but it does provide you with a voice in a massive international survey we’ve undertaken on the health of world sport. I’m convinced it will interest every sports-mad person who cares passionately about the future of sport and equally convinced the results will give us all something to discuss on a worldwide scale.

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Time for the IOC to grow some balls…

10 August 2013 Comments 4

The British actor and writer, Stephen Fry is a hero of mine. Not only is he an extremely talented, funny, self-effacing public figure, he is also a sports-tragic and very eloquent with an ability to provoke discussion on a wealth of topics and issues. Last week, he highlighted a current issue which I immediately thought reflected a much wider problem that’s prevalent in sport as a whole.

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