Blatter Manifesto

5 May 2015 Comments 1

In the FIFA Presidential race, Sepp says he doesnt need a manifesto.

So I’ve written one for him.

I have to admit it made me smile, the thought of a candidate seeking Devine intervention from the Pope as part of a bid to oust FIFA President Sepp Blatter in next month’s Presidential election.

I’d imagine that last week Pope Francis told Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein of Jordan miracles are down to someone else.

Of course there was a serious side to the recent meeting. Prince Ali said the role of football in promoting peace and social responsibility was one of several topics they discussed. He also said: “Our discussions were very fruitful and we share the common vision of using sport as a force for good in the world.”

Nothing spectacular in that you might think, and I’d agree. As a possible leader of football’s world governing body, you would expect responsibility and leadership to be high on the agenda in his election campaign.

But here’s the bit that really pisses me off

Why isn’t the incumbent and the man everybody is trying so hard to oust (but probably won’t succeed) talking about the things HE intends to address in the next FIFA term?

Well, from the moment Sepp Blatter refused to take part in a televised debate with the other three candidates, we knew. Mr Blatter has got the voters – and their votes – in the bag. As far as he’s concerned, he doesn’t have to say anything to anyone and there’s bugger all any of the billions of football supporters around the world can do.

The three challengers, Prince Ali, Michael van Praag and Luis Figo are telling the world what they see as important and what they would do as President. Meanwhile, Mr. Blatter merely says he doesn’t need to talk because his manifesto for this election is the four terms he’s already served as President.

Really? If it were that simple, I’d be putting the champagne on ice and preparing to toast an alternative winner.

So, with that in mind, let’s look at the ‘achievements’ of a man who’s actions apparently speak louder than words and in the absence of one from the man himself, here’s my own manifesto for Joseph S. Blatter based on 17 years as President:

There’ll be continued denial of a generation of bribery and corruption allegations that refuse to go away.

Racism is not an issue in world football.

Female players should wear tighter shorts to raise the appeal of the women’s game.

‘independent’ reports need to be re-written by Blatter underlings before anyone sees a word.

Migrant workers dying in Qatari whilst working and living under horrendous conditions as the country prepares for WC2022, is not the fault of FIFA.

That’s destined to woo the voters isn’t it?

Conveniently for Mr. Blatter of course, the voters are FIFA’s own members who have a vested interest in making sure the incestuous, cash rich FIFA party that Sepp invites them to continues to rumble on. The voting procedure on May 29th in Zurich is nothing more than a pagan ceremony to re-anoint a man whose sole interest is his own imperial dominance.

No wonder Prince Ali went to The Vatican seeking help…

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  1. Ieuan Einion on 20 May 2015

    Spot on and thank you Mr. Fuller – but what can ordinary people like me do to stop this travesty? If Qatar 2022 goes ahead, it will be a victory for all that is mean, dishonest and base in the world.