29 February 2016 Comments 3

And now for something completely different…

Instead of talking about a ‘wrong’ in one of the sports we love, this is about our business and how you can help us #MakeADifference through an innovative crowd-funding campaign.

If you read Watercooler regularly, you’ll know how much we love sport. We believe it can change the world; it can inspire us as individuals, communities, nations and society. It has the power to do so much that is good. Sport can change public perceptions about issues, and it can help bring people and nations closer together.

It is these beliefs and these values that drive us as a brand. In fact, it’s why we exist. We never wanted to be just another sportswear brand but one that also helps make sport better. Not just in terms of how it’s played, through our innovative product range, but how it is run off-the-field also.

Our performance, our passion and our principles are all about existing to make a difference.

So we’re inviting you to be part of making a difference too. Other brands may try to copy our sportswear but they can’t copy who we are.

We’ll use the investment you make to help us with our product innovation and to help us continue to stand-up and stand-out in the sporting world.

We will accelerate the innovation pipeline, broaden our offering to other sportswear categories, drive more growth in the business and, importantly, continue the campaigns that have helped #MakeADifference in cycling, cricket, athletics and football.

If you invest in SKINS, we promise that it will be used to help us fulfill our potential in sport and in business and you’ll make an excellent return on your investment too.

You’ll see here that we have some exciting offerings at different levels of investment, and we explain what we’re doing in this short video presentation.

If you like what we do and believe in what we do, please help #MakeADifference. Make a good investment in SKINS and invest in something that’s good.

3 comments on "How you can #MAKEADIFFERENCE"

  1. Peter Meier on 29 February 2016

    Hi Jaimie.
    Great way to look at things and it would be great to see more businesses to do the same thing, because there is no reason why doing good for thing you care will lead to good outcomes for the brand as well. I just recently saw the following Ted Talk ( which supports what you are doing.
    Keep on.


  3. Simon Gundry on 22 April 2016

    Have I missed the end date for the investment opportunity?