Citizens of Sport in Sheffield

13 March 2017 Comments 0

In the weekend just gone, SKINS commenced an exciting new partnership which is part of our investment in the future citizens of sport.

We are supporting the Sheffield Varsity, an annual sports challenge between Sheffield and Hallam universities that goes until the end of the month across a number of sports. The Sheffield Varsity has been held for 20 years and includes some high-performance athletes as well as the ‘weekend warrior’ and a Varsity Challenge to get moving in March.

It’s a great, and healthy, rivalry between Team Hallam and Team Sheffield that is based around principles that we share: respect, sportsmanship, pride and fair play. These are the factors that should be embedded in all sporting culture and competition.

SKINS is sponsoring the Varsity Oath by which participants promise to ensure that competition is carried out with respect for their opponents and in the spirit of fair play.

We’re delighted to support students living up to such values, who are prepared to rise-up and make sport count for something good and special in society, and which are intrinsic to everything we do as a brand.

Because I love this stuff, I’m republishing The Varsity Oath below. May the best team win!

Sheffield Varsity

Varsity is a showcase and celebration of student sport in the City of Sheffield, and I am proud and honoured to represent my university in the competition.

On behalf of all competitors and spectators I promise that we will take part in Varsity ensuring we compete in the true spirit of sportsmanship, fair play, and respect for our opposition.

We will give our all for our team mates, and we will abide by the rules that govern our sports and the overall Varsity competition.

We will respect all competitors and spectators regardless of their race, gender, sexuality or ethnicity, and we will respect the communities and facilities in which the competition takes place.

We win together, and we lose together.

Pride, Respect, Fair play, and Sportsmanship; this is the spirit of Varsity, and I am proud to represent my University.