What sort of man is Michael Garcia?

30 June 2017 Comments 2

In case you hadn’t noticed, the ‘Garcia Report’ was released this week after lurking in locked drawers of desks in Zurich, Sydney, Munich and New York where the few people who were supposed to have a copy kept it. Sepp Blatter even sneaked one home from the office before he left, I’m led to understand.

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Oh, those Russians

15 June 2017 Comments 4

As an all-round sports fan, I admit I find it hard to get that interested in FIFA’s Confederations Cup at any time. The tournament started back in the 1990s as a way of spreading the ‘love’ – FIFA style, if you get my drift – around the football world. Over the years, it’s developed as a dress rehearsal for the World Cup the year after, as much for the hosts as anyone else.

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Double fault to Margaret Court

2 June 2017 Comments 5

I’ve just got to weigh-in on the Margaret Court controversy.

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