Do you have #SkinInTheGame when it comes to marriage equality? We do!

5 October 2017 Comments 0

You can’t be in Australia and not be aware of the marriage equality survey that’s currently underway.

This is the Federal Government’s abrogation of its duty to decide on what ‘marriage’ means by putting it out to a survey of public opinion. Even if the Australian population votes in favour of marriage equality, the politicians who must then decide on changing the official Marriage Act can ignore what we, the people, actually want.

Oh really?

They can try, but won’t get far if we support a ‘YES’ vote in large numbers.

What I want to make clear – and, hey, Roger Corbett, you seem to be stuck in the 1950s – should be no surprise to regular readers of Watercooler.

To leave no-one in any doubt whatsoever, I support, and my company SKINS supports, marriage equality.

 In simple terms, for me, this is overwhelmingly an issue of human rights.

If you love someone and want to commit to them, what is the difference between whether it’s a man and a woman, a man and a man, or a woman and a woman? What is wrong with more love in the world? What is wrong with a family unit that values commitment, love, belonging and building for the future, however that is shaped?

And to those who don’t support marriage equality, who are any of us to presume that our morality is better than anyone else (to paraphrase Graham Greene)?

But I’m not writing this blog for the fun of it. I’m putting some #SkinInTheGame and putting my money where my mouth is.

I’m pledging to give away $1 million of SKINS apparel if the ‘YES’ vote reaches 70%.

Not sure you read that right? Take a look here.

At SKINS, we don’t want the YES vote to just scrape through, we want it to be a complete landslide.

We want to encourage all of you to vote because we believe the overwhelming view of Australians is to support marriage equality.

We want to send a clear message to the world that we are a tolerant, fair and progressive nation that embraces the important social movements of our time.

For me and for SKINS, marriage equality is key amongst those.

Please take a look at the video, and the website to find out more.

So what will you do to put #SkinInTheGame?

If you’re as committed as I am to marriage equality, perhaps you want to show how much a ‘YES’ vote means to you.

We’re asking you to put #SkinInTheGame also by making a personal pledge if the vote achieves 70% support.

It doesn’t have to be a million bucks.

It might be running a marathon, teaching your little sister or brother to surf, running along Adelaide’s Rundle Mall in a Richmond jumper or The Strand in Townsville in a Melbourne Storm jersey.

While this survey has been set-up by the conservatives in our Parliament to suit them – and, hey, don’t you pity the poor voters of Warringah with another 1950s blowback as local member? This is all the more reason to show the 225 people who we elected to sit in our Parliament just what we want.

Remind them who’s in charge.

Be a Citizen of Sport. Don’t just spectate, participate.

Regardless of how flawed the marriage equality survey is, grab this as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to be remembered for something incredible.

When the question is asked about which side of history we were on when it comes to marriage equality, I am proud for SKINS to be seen as a brand where we didn’t fail to put our money where our mouth is and for standing-up for what we believe in.

Help the LGBTI community in overcoming the adversity they have faced for decades, and beat the odds to bring about a victory that will define succeeding generations of Australians.

Vote ‘YES’ and make sure I give away $1 million in SKINS gear.

Please. Make it happen.

* P.S. For A-League fans heading into the new season, if you’ve still got your rainbow laces from earlier in the year, why not show your support by wearing them to an A-League game over the next month?